Product, furniture and industrial design engineer. Currently based in Barcelona.

My work is focused on the relationship between human and his enviroment throght objects.  I am always interested in exploring new materials and new ways of experiencing the world. I am excited to working in different areas and developing diverse projects.

" The hardest design is that of simple honest products. To achieve this you must use sober and really sensitive intelligence. Things evolve either from nothing or to nothing, at some point on this journey you will find its essence, its true poetry. We should judge objects as a part of a full sensuous experience because design is what connects people with their own reality."

For any questions about my work or collaborations please don’t hesitate to contact me.



“Muebles de patio” for Libros Mutantes. (2018) 

"Spanish National Prize of Young Creation - Design"  by Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. (2013)

“7th Andreu World Design International Contest” Finalist. (2007)



“Out of the Box” collective exhibition at Decorative Arts National Museum. Madrid, Spain (2019)

“Mujer. Objeto” collective exhibition at Casabanchel. Madrid. Spain (2018)

Nassa Screens at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. Milan Design Week. (2018)

Nebula Mirror Colours  Sala Amadis. Madrid. Spain. (2015)

Decoración. Madrid. Spain. (2015)

Nebula Mirrors at Ventura Lambrate - Milan Design Week. Milan. Italy. (2014)

Decoración. Madrid. Spain. (2014)

La nube que lee at Dos de Mayo Art Centre. Madrid. Spain. (2011)

Versatile Ceramic Pieces at Matadero. Madrid. Spain. (2010)

Mobile structure with re-used materials at Young Art Room. Madrid. Spain. (2010)


La Casa Encendida. Libros Mutantes. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Kling. Mustang. BIIS. Reebok.